11 Passengers Become Sick on Air Transat Airbus A321 Flight

Photo: Kevin Sung

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An Air Transat Airbus A321-200, performing flight Quebec City (Canada) to Fort Lauderdale (USA) with about 185 people on board, reported passengers become ill during de-icing.

  • Aircraft was preparing for departure. The aircraft was being de-iced when a large number of passenger began to complain about feeling ill.
  • The de-icing was stopped and the passengers disembarked back into the terminal.
  • Local hospitals called code orange (large influx of patients), at least 11 passengers were taken to hospitals.
  • The airport reported the passengers suffered from itchy eyes, dizziness and a number vomitted.
  • Emergency services took measurements of the cabin air immediately after being called on scene and found no issue with the cabin air quality.
  • The airline has initiated an investigation into the occurrence, a ventilation problem during the de-icing is being suspected.

Source: avherald.com