ASL & JetNetherlands Add First Phenom 100 Under New EASA Requirements

Photo: ASL & JetNetherlands

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Belgium and Netherlands’ based ASL and JetNetherlands welcome an Embraer Phenom 100 to their growing fleet.

The aircraft is the first to be managed by the company under the new EASA Part-NCC requirements and opens the path to a new specific market.

Based in Lelystad, Netherlands, the Phenom 100 will not be offered for charter operation but will be managed and operated by the company, on behalf of its (undisclosed) owner.

Since the introduction of the new EASA regulation for Part-NCC (Non Commercial Complex) operations on August 25 of 2016, aircraft such as the Embraer Phenom 100 can no longer be operated without complying with the very specific requirements contained in this regulation.

In order to assist aircraft owners or private companies to meet with these specific requirements, ASL & JetNetherlands have established a range of tailored support services. This Phenom 100 is the first aircraft to fall under the new Part-NCC support programs offered by ASL & JetNetherlands, and the company hopes to attract other similar aircraft owners in the near future.