Aeroflot Boeing 737 Experiences Runway Excursion


Reading Time: 1 minute

An Aeroflot Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Astana (Kazakhstan) to Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia) with 78 people on board, experienced runway excursion while vacating the runway.

  • Aircraft landed on Sheremetyevo’s runway 24L, rolled out safely and was about to vacate the runway via turn off A5, when the nose gear went off paved surface just past the taxiway.
  • The aircraft had gone off the runway with brakes on and at minimum speed between taxiways A4 and A5 for about 2.8 meters (9 feet).
  • Runway 24L was covered with 3mm dry snow, braking coefficient of 0.37, 6000 meters horizontal visibility, winds from 280 degrees at 3 meters/s (6 knots).
  • The engines were shut down, the aircraft was towed to the apron.
  • The aircraft was disabled. There were no injuries.
  • Preliminary inspection of the aircraft did not reveal any damage.