Aeroflot SSJ100 Crash-Landing Uncovers Troubles in Russian Aviation

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After the Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 crash-landed at Sheremetyevo airport claiming the lives of 41 people out of 78, Russian aviation has come under close scrutiny. Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chayka says the problems are serious.

Addressing the Russian parliament, Prosecutor General stressed that the aviation industry needs attention as the Russian state program aimed to ensure flight safety does not meet international standards and the last time was updated in 2008.

Also, Chayka said there are problems in the area of aircraft maintenance, certification and aviation personnel training.

“Target and acceptable levels of flights security have not been defined yet. Neither have we defined who will be in charge of implementing the program [on ensuring flights security]. This program has not been upgraded since 2008,” Chayka told Russian lawmakers, Sputnik reports.

What actions will Russia take to control its aviation and improve the current situation?