Air Canada Reconfigures Cabins of Boeing 777-300ER for Cargo

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In light of still growing need for additional cargo capacity, Air Canada has decided to reconfigure the cabins of its three passenger jets – Boeing 777-300ER – to secure more space for cargo supplies.

Air Canada has a separate division dedicated to cargo. However, it seems that it is not enough to meet the demand. According to a statement, one Boeing plane has been already converted and is already in service. The cabins of remaining two are due to be reconfigured.

“The transformation of the Boeing 777-300ERs, our largest international wide-body aircraft, doubles the capacity of each flight and will enable more goods to move more quickly”, said Tim Strauss, Vice President – Cargo at Air Canada.

For these works, Air Canada is partnering with Avianor, an aircraft maintenance and cabin integration specialist. The company has came up with a timely and certified solution on how to remove 422 passenger seats and turn the cabin space into cargo loading zones for light weight boxes.

Air Canada

The airline says that since 22 March it has operated 40 all-cargo flights and further plans to operate up to 20 all-cargo flights per week using a combination of the three newly converted Boeing 777s, Boeing 787s and Boeing 777s.