Airbus to Increase Mobile A320 Production to 7 Aircraft per Month

Photo: Airbus

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Airbus has announced further boosting production of the A320 Family aircraft in Mobile, first US-based Airbus commercial aircraft manufacturing facility. The expansion is planned amid the 10% import tariff imposed by the US on European-made commercial aircraft.

By the beginning of 2021, Airbus said it will produce seven of its A220 and A320 aircraft in Mobile per month. This is a part of the global plan to build 63 A320 Family aircraft per month in 2021.

“With plans already in place for production of four A220 aircraft per month in Mobile by the middle of the decade, Airbus is on track to produce more than 130 aircraft in Mobile each year for its airline customers”, the planemaker announced in a statement.

As the increase will require more professionals to achieve the set goals, the airframer also plans to recruit 275 more specialists to work at the Alabama-based facility over the next year.

Not to be omitted the fact that with increased production rates and increased number of personnel, Airbus will need more space. Keeping this in mind, Airbus said it will also invest another $40 million for the construction of an additional hangar.