Atlas Air Boeing 747 Reports Technical Problem

Photo: Tis Meyer

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An Atlas Air Boeing 747-400, performing flight from Nuremberg (Germany) to Portsmouth (USA), reported technical problem.

  • Aircraft was climbing out of Nuremberg when the crew stopped the climb at FL190 due to some technical problem, the speed over ground remained below 320 knots.
  • The crew decided to divert to Leipzig (Germany), descended the aircraft to FL140, dumped fuel and landed safely in Leipzig, emergency services were on stand by, about 105 minutes after departure.
  • Leipzig Airport reported emergency services were on standby by standard operating procedures, the aircraft landed safely despite some technical problem. The aircraft was repaired and departed later in the afternoon.
  • The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground for about 3:15 hours, then departed again and reached Portsmouth with a delay of about 5 hours.