#AVGEEK: First Airbus A380 in New Lufthansa Design

Photo: Lufthansa

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Wednesday, 12 December, the Airbus A380 landed in Germany for the first time in the new Lufthansa Design. The landing of the newly painted flagship of the Lufthansa fleet marks the festive end of the anniversary year of the crane’s 100th birthday.

  • The Airbus, named “Tokyo”, was welcomed to Munich Airport early Wednesday morning.
  • The aircraft came from Guangzhou, China, where it has been repainted over the past three and a half weeks.
  • The A380 was scheduled to take off for its first commercial flight to Miami, 12 December.
  • The aircraft is one of a total of five Airbus A380s based in the Bavarian capital for the first time this year.
  • In 2021, 80 percent of the new brand design will be visible along the entire travel chain. The last aircraft repainting is scheduled for 2025.

Source: Lufthansa