Avia Solutions Group Announces 33% Revenue Growth For 2016

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Avia Solutions Group, an international, publicly traded aviation holding company with over 20 subsidiaries worldwide, has recorded €306 million revenue in 2016, a 33% increase from the 2015. Group’s net profit more than doubled to €8,1 million.

The growth of the Group’s operations was largely driven by its increasing presence in the Asian aviation market as well as continuous service and geographical expansion. In 2016, Avia Solutions Group’s client portfolio enlarged by 10%, with majority of sales coming from European customers (61%).

Throughout the year 2016, Avia Solutions Group and its subsidiaries across the globe handled over 2 million passengers, 18 500 aircraft and delivered more than 270 000 tons of jet fuel. In addition to that, Group’s companies organized tours to Turkey for 14 000 vacationers, inspected thousands of power lines using UAVs, as well as sold over 30 000 pilot training hours.

“Our long-term strategy is beginning to bear fruits as we have been heavily investing in physical expansion and services diversification for the past couple of years. In the long-term, our goal is to become one of the leading comprehensive aviation service providers in Europe, as well as have a strong presence in the ever-growing Asian market. FL Technics already has a hangar in Jakarta, Indonesia, and BAA Training’s Singapore training base provided numerous future pilots with EU-standard training, and we plan to bring more of our experience, as well as know-how to the region in the nearest future,” comments Gediminas Ziemelis, Chairman of the Board at Avia Solutions Group.

Avia Solutions Group employs close to 2000 specialists working in Group’s representative offices in Lithuania, USA, the UK, Thailand, Indonesia, Poland, Serbia, Estonia, Russia, as well as numerous line stations, shops and departments over the world.

Source: Avia Solutions Group Press Release