Aviation Fuel Shortage – Nigeria

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In spite of the artificial shortage in aviation fuel in Nigeria, a situation which has compelled most airlines in that country to lift fuel from Ghana, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has assured airline operators and travelers that it has enough stock of the fuel to supply.

Currently, Nigeria is experiencing an artificial shortage following expected hikes in prices of the fuel. The situation has compelled some airlines to resort to Ghana for fuel, prompting fears Ghana may also run out of the product.

However, Manager of Business development and Statistics at GCAA, Reverend Stephen Wilfred Arthur, has stated there is enough supply of the product to meet demand.

“The development has no immediate adverse effect on our supply of aviation fuel to the airlines… nevertheless, we have a couple of weeks of sufficient aviation fuel supply to ensure sustainable airline operations,” he stated.

“The situation has even been much better with the recent addition of the fuel supply and distribution that we have currently from the PUMA energy in partnership with the Blue Ocean investors,” he added.

Meanwhile the GCAA is taking advantage of the situation in Nigeria to rake in more revenue.

According to Rev Arthur, though the situation is temporary, he contends the revenue accruing to GCAA, government and distributors of petroleum products cannot be underestimated.

“I believe that it may be a temporary situation, but that notwithstanding there are benefits that we may be deriving,” he told Citi FM.

Meanwhile airline operations in Nigeria have normalised after almost grinding to a halt over the weekend.

Source: allafrica.com