Aviation Skills Partnership to Launch Aviation Skills Manifesto

Photo: aerosociety.com

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The Aviation Skills Partnership gather business leaders, MPs, educators, trainers and academics at the House of Commons, to launch Aviation Skills Partnership’s (ASP) first Manifesto for Aviation Skills, which according to ASP, will aim to provide solutions to the issue of how to supply enough talented skilled workers for the growing industry. This event coincides with the third birthday of ASP who have worked over their first years to transform the approach to aviation skills.

The Partnership states that the need for a  Manifesto for Aviation skills has grown out of “a realisation that the aviation industry in the UK is facing strong growth both in a civil and defence capacity.” The organisation says that there is a clear and defined need to develop talent for a growing industry by engaging individuals, businesses, trainers, educators and government to ensure people with the right skills are available for the right jobs.

Although the aviation sector enjoys high levels of engagement, ASP says, there is a missed opportunity in that enthusiasm is often not channelled into working towards a career in the industry. The specialist nature of many of the roles in aviation requires that talent or disposition is identified early and that channels into the industry are clearly signposted. The Manifesto will aim to address the gaps in these pathways and in the early identification of appropriate people that has led to skills shortages. ASP’s manifesto sets out a plan to ensure a legacy of a well-trained workforce to supply the national and international market.

Chloe Smith, the MP for Norwich North who is sponsoring the House of Commons event said,“As Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Employment, the opportunities for young people are at the top of my agenda. The country’s first International Aviation Academy has been located in my constituency, contributing to the future economy of the whole region. It will provide excellent opportunities for local young people and for the firms who seek their talent. It is nationally and internationally notable and I am pleased to play a role in ensuring that the whole of the UK gets behind this exciting new project.”

Employers and educators, as well as employers such as British Airways, Virgin, Easyjet and KLM UK engineering will be present for the launch of the manifesto and for the presentation of the first Aviation Skills Awards for industry, recognising the achievements of those already in the industry.

Source: aviationskillspartnership.com