BAA Training Starts Cooperating with Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Academy


Photo: BAA Training

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  • BAA Training has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Academy, pursuing the goal to transform it into an EASA standard approved training organization (ATO).
  • BAA Training and Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Academy will write a joint CPL training program by the end of 2021, and in 2022, accept the first students shortlisted together following BAA Training’s methodology.
  • Within a five years term, more than 200 pilots will be prepared under the joint CPL program.

BAA Training, an EASA standard ATO that operates training centres in Lithuania, Vietnam, Spain and plans to establish one in France in the nearest future, has signed an MoU with Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Academy. The document sets the grounds for cooperation to transform Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Academy into an EASA standard ATO issuing EASA type of pilot licences.

To achieve the set objective, the parties intend to jointly create a CPL pilot training program by the end of 2021. Starting from 2022, they will begin to prepare pilots, accessed and selected while working in tandem and following BAA Training’s methodology.

Evgenij Grachiov, BAA Training’s COO, comments on the achievement: “The signed MoU establishes a framework for cooperation between BAA Training and Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Academy, which carries a great deal of potential. Transforming a training organization into an EASA standard ATO requires a lot of precision, know-how and understanding of all the technical and administrative aspects, which BAA Training is fully prepared to share so that the transition goes smoothly and uninterruptedly.”

The timeline for getting an EASA ATO certification

Initially, the conduction of training will be split between Lithuania and Kazakhstan. However, within three years, it is planned to have an EASA ATO certificate secured and at least half of the training responsibilities assigned to Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Academy. The term of five years has been chosen for the formal agreement to allow students starting in three years to finish their studies.

The number of student pilots to be trained

Over the five years, more than 200 pilots will be prepared under the joint CPL program. Moreover, BAA Training will deliver training to Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Academy’s employees: instructors, training managers and other staff.

Other BAA Training’s wide-scope projects

BAA Training has been implementing expansion strategies globally, resulting in new training facilities opening in different European and Asian markets.

A 5,300-square-meter modern training centre BAA Training Spain that operates Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 MAX full flight simulators (FFSs), is expecting more equipment to arrive. By the end of 2021, one Boeing 737NG FFS and one FTD Level 2 device, Airbus A320ceo, will come.

In addition, BAA Training has recently signed a term sheet contract with Transavia Airlines, signifying the future opening of a new training centre BAA Training France, near Paris Orly Airport (ORY).

The six-bay training centre, mainly dedicated to Transavia’s pilot training needs and operated by BAA Training itself, will be home to the Airbus and Boeing family types of FFSs.

Source: BAA Training