Bamboo Airways plans direct route to Australia

Bamboo Airways 787
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Vietnam airline Bamboo Airways is planning the regular flights from Hanoi to Melbourn from 2021, according to the Vietnam Express and Bamboo Airways information.

Bamboo Airways plans using the wide-body aircraft Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.
A Bamboo Airways 787-9 Dreamliner flew down to Melbourne to pick up approximately 300 Vietnamese citizens on Sunday morning.
The airline made an announcement about the ambitious plan to have a direct route from Hanoi to Melbourn after conducting its first flight to Australia last Sunday to carry nearly 300 Vietnamese workers and students home.
Nguyen Ngoc Trong, the deputy CEO of Bamboo Airways, said in a statement that Australia was one of the most important aviation markets for Vietnam.
But there’s no guarantee that this plan will succeed. Right now, Australia, and Melbourne in particular, is an unfriendly place for international airlines. Melbourne Airport is closed to inbound international flights, and there are limited quotas on inbound passenger numbers elsewhere around Australia.
On the other hand, Bamboo Airways is preparing to operate international flights once the Covid-19 situation has been contained globally. It is eyeing in particular flights connecting Vietnam with destinations in Oceania, Southeast Asia and Asia.

For the remaining months of this year, Bamboo Airways will continue to operate charter flights to international destinations like South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, mainland China, Prague and the U.S., Trong said.

Vietnam’s airline was launched in January 2019 and was operating 40 domestic and international routes before the pandemic struck Vietnam this January. Bamboo Airways operates 22 planes,  , off wich nine are parked.

It conducted 2,040 flights last month, up 21 percent year-on-year, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV).