Boeing 777X Already Ready: Secret Debut

Photo: Boeing

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The long-awaited public debut of Boeing 777X was scheduled for 13 March, 2019. Therefore, in view of tragic events and turbulence that Boeing has been experiencing this week, the company decided to postpone the date of public appearance of its newest aircraft.

Nevertheless, some sort of “secret” debut to Boeing employees was held in the manufacturer’s facility in Everett, Washington.

The employees were able to see a fully assembled new 777-9 plane, which is the largest of two models of 777X planes. Just imagine, the 777-9 machine is 77 meters long! It means that this model is even longer than Boeing’s 747 “the Queen of Skies”, the length of which is 76.3 meters.

Boeing 777-9 aircraft will be able to carry from 400 to 435 passengers in two classes and to operate on the routes of over 14,000 km. Powered by the largest engines for commercial aircraft, GE9X, 777X plane has already got the title of the largest twin-engine aircraft in the world.

The maiden flight of Boeing 777-9 is expected later this spring.