Boeing Shuts Down Washington State Factories for Two Weeks

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Considering the current situation with the coronavirus outbreak in Washington and taking additional precautionary measures, Boeing has halted production operations at its Puget Sound area facilities for 14 days starting from 25 March, 2020.

The Boeing’s Puget Sound area facilities include the biggest planemaker’s commercial aviation production factories in the Seattle area, one in Renton and the other in Everett (Boeing’s Everett factory is the biggest building in the world by volume).

In the period of two weeks, the company plans to closely monitor the situation, follow all governmental guidelines and consider all the actions impacting the company’s operations.

“During this time, we will be conducting additional deep cleaning activities at impacted sites and establishing rigorous criteria for return to work”, Boeing said in a statement.

The whole suspension of the Washington state factories affects nearly 70,000 employees. Those who have a possibility to work from home will continue to do so. Meanwhile, those who are unable to continue their operations remotely, will be sent on a paid leave.

“Those who cannot work remotely will receive paid leave for the initial 10 working days of the suspension – double the company policy – which will provide coverage for the 14 calendar day suspension period”, the company added.

The temporary shutdown, therefore, has come after one employee from the Everett site, where the 777s (including the 777Xs), 787s, 767s and 747s are manufactured, died from the coronavirus, the Seattle Times reported. In Renton Boeing produces its 737 program aircraft,