Boeing to Slow Down 737 MAX Production Again?

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Amid the news of the approaching 737 MAX certification flight, Spirit AeroSystems has cast some doubts over further production of the type.

The main supplier of 737 MAX fuselage parts said that Boeing has requested “to pause additional work on four 737 MAX shipsets and avoid starting production on sixteen 737 MAX shipsets to be delivered in 2020, until otherwise directed by Boeing”.

It appears that in response to further developing crisis and its growing impacts, Boeing continues adjusting its business and production of commercial aircraft and mitigation “the expenditure of potential unnecessary production costs”.

“Spirit believes there will be a reduction to Spirit’s previously disclosed 2020 737 MAX production plan of 125 shipsets. Spirit does not yet have definitive information on what the magnitude of the reduction will be but expects it will be more than 20 shipsets,” the company said in a statement

Due to this order from Boeing, Spirit said it will place certain Wichita hourly employees directly associated with production work and support functions for the 737 MAX program on a 21 calendar day unpaid temporary layoff/furlough effective Monday, June 15.

In addition, Spirit will declare an immediate reduction of the hourly workforce in Tulsa and McAlester, Okla., effective Friday, June 12.