Brussels Airlines Will Take Delivery of 3 New A320 in 2023

Brussels Airlines A320neo

Photo: Brussels Airlines

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Brussels Airlines has recently announced it will be taking delivery of three Airbus A320neo aircraft in 2023.

The new aircraft that will modernize the carrier’s fleet will also help it with the CO2 emissions reduction. The airline aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and become CO2 neutral by 2050.

 Peter Gerber, CEO at Brussels Airlines, said in a statement:

 “As a responsible airline with ambitious sustainability targets, it’s crucial for us to continue our path of further modernizing our fleet. Thanks to our mother company Lufthansa, we are, for the very first time in our 19 year-long history, able to replace the older A319 Airbus with three modern and fuel-efficient aircraft that will leave the Airbus factory by summer 2023.

“Compared to our A319 aircraft, the three A320neo will allow a noise contour reduction of 50% and reduce fuel use and CO2 emissions by 11% per flight. Furthermore, thanks to the higher seating capacity of this ultra-modern Airbus, the fuel use and CO2 emissions per seat will decrease by 30%.”

Notably, this is the first time in the airline’s history that it will be receiving brand new planes directly from the manufacturer’s facility.

Source: Brussels Airlines