Crash: Aerosucre B722 at Puerto Carreno Overran Runway On Takeoff


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An Aerosucre Colombia Boeing 727-200, registration HK-4544 performing a freight flight from Puerto Carreno to Bogota (Colombia) with 6 crew, did not become airborne.

While taking off from Puerto Carrena’s runway 25 at 17:20L (23:20Z), broke through the airport perimeter fences, became airborne, lost height again about 3 minutes later, impacted ground about 5nm from the airport and burst into flames.

Two persons were rescued alive, four persons died on scene, one of the initial survivors succumbed to the injuries in hospital.

Colombia’s Civil Aviation Authority Aerocivil reported the aircraft crashed three minutes after takeoff from Puerto Carreno. 5 occupants were killed, one occupant survived correcting earlier reports of 4 fatalities and 1 survivor.

Video: Las2orillas

Video: Sebastian Salazar H