CRASH | Boeing 707 Crashes into Houses near Tehran

Photo: jemalrasheed

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A Boeing 707-300 freighter, performing a freight flight from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) to Karaj (Iran) with 16 crew and a cargo of meat, crashed in residential area near Tehran.

According to, the aircraft landed at the wrong airport. The aircraft was on approach to Karaj’s Payam Airport when the crew descended towards and landed in Fath’s airport, overran the runway, crashed into houses past the end of the runway and burst into flames.

According to various media reports, the aircraft was carrying from 10 to 16 people on board. reports that so far one survivor (believed to be the flight engineer) and 15 bodies have been recovered. 

The reason of the crash is unknown. Local media suggests the crew landed at another airport prior declaring emergency. Depending on preliminary reports and photos from the crash place, the plane crashed into the houses, leaving a number of them damaged.

The story is being updated.