CSAT to Provide Aircraft Maintenance for Sichuan Airlines

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

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Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a daughter company of the Czech Aeroholding Group providing aircraft maintenance services, entered into an Agreement with a fourth Chinese air carrier, Sichuan Airlines.

CSAT will provide line maintenance for aircraft servicing the new direct scheduled connection between Prague and Chengdu which launches its operations on 12 August 2016. CSAT has already provided line maintenance to Sichuan Airlines charter flights during the first half of the year.

Sichuan Airlines is launching a regular direct scheduled service between Prague and Chengdu on 12 August 2016. CSAT will provide the Sichuan Airlines fleet with line maintenance of Airbus A330 which will service Prague frequenting the new route on Tuesdays and Fridays. The Service Agreement has been entered into for an unlimited period of time.

“CSAT provides maintenance to four Chinese air carriers, namely China Airlines, Hainan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Sichuan Airlines. Based on the current scheduled operations, CSAT expects to provide over 500 line maintenance jobs a year to all four Chinese carriers combined,” said Václav Řehoř, Chairman of the Czech Aeroholding Board of Directors, which is the sole shareholder of CSAT, adding: “CSAT is thus enhancing its status gained thanks also to its long-term quality work with the emphasis on pursuing high safety standards and adherence to deadlines.”

CSAT will provide Sichuan Airlines with both regular line maintenance and repairs of any defects that may occur. The regular line maintenance will include, among other jobs, inspections according to the carrier’s instructions and assistance to the crew and ground personnel with their duties on apron areas. In regards to ad-hoc maintenance, such as defect repairs which must be fixed prior to a scheduled take-off, CSAT will provide the air carrier with repairs of defects detected by the crew in flight or during ground control.

Source: Czech Airlines Technics Press Release