Drone Incursion Closes Dubai International

Photo: whatson.ae

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Dubai International Airport stopped flights for 69 minutes on Saturday when a drone flew too close to the airport.

Airspace was closed from 11.39am to 12.45pm, according to a statement from Dubai Airports.

Around 20 flights were diverted, most of them to Al Maktoum International, and others to Sharjah and Al Ain.

Drones are forbidden to fly within several kilometres of all UAE airports following a shutdown of Dubai International Airport last year caused by a drone.

“We are working with Dubai Police, the airport and the relevant authorities in the investigations on the breach of the no-fly zone,” Saif Al Suwaidi, head of the General Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement. “What happened was a breach of the regulations.”

“Emirates can confirm that Dubai International Airport was closed from 11.39am to 12.45pm due to unauthorised drone activity in the surrounding airspace, and as a result 13 Emirates flights were diverted to other UAE airports,” Emirates Airline said in a statement.

Source: aviationbusinessme.com