EASA Asks Operators to Replace Some Airbus A320 Fuel Pumps


Photo: shutterstock.com

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EASA has released an Airworthiness Directive (AD) concerning the fuel pumps on various A320 family aircraft. The authority explains that the issue, if not solved, imposes a risk of a fuel tank explosion.

According to the document, a loose locking pin on the impeller shaft could cause sparks which might be dangerous if the pump is not entirely filled with kerosene.

EASA states that the problem affects aircraft manufactured before June 30, 2015. It has provided the serial numbers of the affected aircraft in Appendix 1 of the AD.

The airlines have to replace the affected parts within ten days of the AD’‎s effective date, but no later than after 50 flights. In case an airline does not follow the mandated guidelines, the aircraft in question will be automatically banned from flying until the issue is eliminated.

Source: EASA