EasyJet Will Now Reject Passengers Who Arrive Less Than 30 Minutes Before Flight

Photo: airbus.com

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EasyJet will now reject passengers who arrived less than half an hour before a flight.

New rules imposed by the airline stipulate that those who arrive late to their flight may be liable to pay an £80 ‘rescue fee’ to change flights.

EasyJet, which is Britain’s biggest budget airline, has also asked staff at Gatwick airport to reprogramme the security barricades so late travellers can’t go through, the Independent reports.

Passengers are being warned of the changes, but only in small print on their boarding passes.

EasyJet sells ‘missed flight cover’ at £7.50, but for those who opt not to take it, they could be charged £80 in ‘rescue fees’ to change flights.

‘Punctuality is important to our passengers and that is why we ask passengers to be at the gate no later than 30 [minutes] before the flight departs,’ a company spokesman told MailOnline.

Source: metro.co.uk