Eight Passengers Become Sick on Board of the Transavia Boeing 737

Photo: Matt Varley

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A Transavia Boeing 737-800 with 185 people on board was enroute at FL370 about 50nm northeast of Vienna (Austria) in Slovak Airspace when the crew decided to divert to Vienna reporting a number of passengers had become sick.

The aircraft landed on Vienna’s runway 16 about 20 minutes later. Several ambulances were awaiting the aircraft already. Two passengers were taken to a hospital.

The airline reported eight passengers, seated throughout the cabin, felt unwell in flight and requested medical attention. Two passengers were taken to hospitals, the other six were treated at the airport. The cause of the passengers’ illness is currently unknown and is being investigated.

A replacement Boeing 737-800 registration PH-HSI positioned from Amsterdam to Vienna, resumed the flight and reached Antalya with a delay of 5.5 hours.

Source: avherald.com