Eindhoven Airport Traffic Grows by 10% in 2015

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Eindhoven Airport achieved for the year 2015 a passenger growth of 10% over 2014. 4.333 million passengers used the airport; 407,000 more than in 2014 (3.926 million passengers). The growth in the number of aircraft movements in 2015 was 5%: 30,360 aircraft movements in 2015; 28,900 flight movements in 2014.

The passengers 10% growth is the consequence of more destinations; in 2015 78 destinations were available and also the occupancy per flight increased further. For 2016 Eindhoven Airport expects that 4-6 million passengers will use the airport. Air traffic is expected to grow in 2016 to 32,950 aircraft movements.

Source: Eindhoven Airport press release