Engine Blaze Forces Delta Flight to London to Turn Back to Atlanta

Photo: Twitter

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A Delta Air Lines plane made an emergency landing Wednesday at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport shortly after takeoff when smoke was spotted billowing out of its right engine.

Flight was headed from Atlanta to London when the flight’s crew noticed something was wrong with one of the engines. Delta Airlines said the plane had problems with its number 2 engine. The aircraft returned to Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta approximately 40 minutes after take-off, made a successful landing and was met by fire crews who extinguished the blaze.

“The flight landed without incident and airport response vehicles met the aircraft upon arrival,” Delta said in a statement. “The airplane was towed to the gate, where customers deplaned through the jetway and will be accommodated on a different aircraft. The safety of our customers and crew is always our top priority and we apologize to our customers on this flight.”

The scare on the Airbus A333 comes just one day after a fatal Southwest Airlines emergency landing in Philadelphia which left one person dead after one of the plane’s engines failed, damaging the fuselage and shattering a window.