Estonian Police Boost Security Measures at Tallinn Airport Amid Bomb Threat


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The Estonian Internal Security Service (KaPo) stepped up security measures at Tallinn Airport after a man, who described himself as a member of the Daesh terrorist group, warned police by telephone that he intended to detonate a bomb at the airport, the Estonian Prosecutor’s Office said Monday.

According to the authorities, the man spoke English but used an Estonian mobile number and the calls were received from within Estonia.

He threatened to bomb a flight from Estonia to Germany. Immediately after the call, police began intensive flight checks at Tallinn Airport.

The KaPo opened a criminal investigation, which is led by the Public Prosecution Service. To date, the authorities report no real security or terrorist threat.

The authorities stress that the increased security measures should not take passengers significantly more time than usually.

According to Estonian media, rapid reaction forces are currently present at the airport and patrol cars have been deployed near the facility.