Extra Value BAA Training Adds to Pilot Courses

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There are over 5000 airlines with ICAO codes in the world, and you’re going to give up on your dream of becoming a pilot? Don’t. We are here to help you build a solid career, become think-skinned, and genuinely successful in what you love most! Not only does BAA Training provide pilot training, but also it adds some extra value to it so that you never feel abandoned and receive the necessary support during and after your studies.

Student aftercare program

We sincerely care about our students who trust us and want them to grow, make a solid aviation career and achieve genuine success.

BAA Training provides mentorship for students during studies and after graduation, refers them to partner airlines for employment, guarantees discounts for future training, and gives free access to a Pilot Skills Profile Test via Aon’s assessment solutions to get ready for an airline interview.

BAA Training takes responsibility for actively giving a hand to its former students in terms of employment to its partner airlines, such as Wizz Air, CityJet, Ryanair, GetJet, SmartLynx, Avion Express, Condor, Royal Air Morocco, Nordica, AirBaltic, Norra, etc.

Peer Support program

A pilot’s job and training might be mentally exhausting. Even the most confident ones sometimes feel worn out, so BAA Training was the first ATO that introduced a Pilot Peer Support program to its Ab Initio students to help them go through the darkness.

Any of them can request a confidential talk with an experienced and flying pilot working for an airline. Why? Because the peers are also human, who have already achieved what the students aim for. They know what it’s like to be a pilot and are ready to listen and support. Eventually, it prevents problems from even starting to pile up.

The Peer Support Program is not a sneaky way to identify those with mental problems and get them excluded from rosters. It’s a way to create a non-threatening environment where peers could guide pilots to identifying the root cause of their issues with no severe consequences to follow.

Area 100 KSA

BAA Training is one of the first ATOs in Europe that incorporated Area 100 KSA into its Ab Initio pilot training. Area 100 KSA aims to train and assess specific Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes and is holistically integrated into the entire theoretical training syllabus, complying with EASA requirements.

EASA states approximately half of licensed pilots have insufficient competencies for employment and a high AOC assessment failure rate. Pilot errors and a lack of non-technical skills are primary causes of aviation accidents. That is why the regulator obliged all European ATOs to embed the new subject into the syllabus, which BAA Training implemented as soon as it got the chance.

These Learning Objectives are incorporated into the theoretical part of ATPL Integrated training at BAA Training.

  • Communication
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Situation awareness
  • Workload management
  • Application of knowledge

Their purpose is to help future pilots with analytical and synthetic thinking.

Extra value is like extra flavoring – pilot training tastes better with it! Apply for one of our training programs – ATPL Integrated or CPL Modular and enjoy „the taste.“ If cadet programs sound more like your cup of tea, make sure to check LOT Polish Airlines and SmartLynx cadet programs at BAA Training!

Source: BAA Training