FAA Administrator at Redbird 2015 – Flight Training and Simulators

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Straight From The Boss – Clearing Up Questions About FlightSim Training

At the Redbird Migration 2015, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta was featured as the keynote speaker, and he also entertained questions. In this case, the question comes from Craig Fuller, the Chairman of Redbird Flight Simulations. Fuller brought up the topic of allowing simulator training time to be allowed for the purpose of certification, and in particular, the recent reduction of allowed simulator hours to be logged.

In his question, Fuller referenced a proposed regulation change that would allow more simulator time to be logged toward certification, and he asked why it was taking so long to get the rules changed. Huerta explains the process of expediting regulations and provides some interesting insight as to the mechanisms that cause regulation changes to take so long.

To paraphrase an old saying; making regulations is like making sausage, and it’s not something you want to watch. However, you’ll get a sneak peek in this video.

Source: aero-news.net