FAA: No Timetable for Boeing MAX to Fly Again

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The FAA and aviation regulators from 33 countries held a meeting to review software fix, pilot training changes and discuss possible date of Boeing 737 MAX return back to the sky. Conclusion did not bring much clarity – no timeline was set. Primary target – safety.

After the first fatal crash of Lion Air 737 MAX 8 aircraft, Boeing started working on software update. However, before the works were done, the second crash of Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX 8 occurred. The latest, in turn, lead to global grounding of MAX aircraft amid safety concerns. Both accidents claimed the lives of 346 people in total.

FAA: Primary Target is Safety

After the meeting, acting FAA Administrator Dan Elwell told reporters that no concrete date was set. The FAA has no goal to lift Boeing MAX planes in June or September, it might take a month, it might take a year.

The aircraft will re-enter service only when the FAA and its counterparts from all around the world are absolutely sure that MAX is safe to fly.

The date could be determined after the FAA reviews submitted by Boeing changes. Following the meeting Boeing announced on its website: “once we have addressed the information requests from the FAA, we will be ready to schedule a certification test flight and submit final certification documentation“.

Meanwhile, EASA and other aviation regulatory bodies are about to carry out their own assessment of changes before giving for MAX green light.