FAA Proposes $72,400 Fine Against Gem Air

Photo: James Udall

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The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed a USD72,400 fine against Gem Air (Salmon) for allegedly operating aircraft without valid technical inspections.

In a statement, the FAA alleges that the Idaho-based regional carrier has missed the deadlines for technical inspection on three aircraft, but operated them nevertheless. The airline supposedly operated a Cessna C206 for 8.7 hours in August 2016 without a valid technical inspection of a fuel-injector line and a Quest Kodiak 100 for 24.2 hours in January and February 2017 without a valid technical inspection of an elevator control mechanism.

The most serious allegation concerns Gem Air’s Piper PA-31-350. According to the FAA, the company operated the aircraft for 246.1 hours when a technical inspection of one of its engines was overdue and 198.8 hours without a valid technical inspection of the other engine. On top of that, the airline allegedly failed to perform an inspection of the exhaust system for 246.1 hours and did not keep appropriate documentation of airworthiness directives for the aircraft.

According to eTurboNews, Gem Air’s representatives asked for a meeting with the FAA.

Founded in 1982, Idaho-based Gem Air specializes in year-round scheduled flights between Salmon and Boise, Idaho. The company also operates numerous charter routes across the state of Idaho in summers. According to the company’s website, its fleet consists of one Cessna (single turboprop) 208B Grand Caravan, one Cessna (single piston) C206, one Cessna C210, two Piper (twin piston) PA-31-350s and two Britten-Norman Islanders.

Source: ch-aviation.com