First IL-96-400M to See the Light of Day by the End of 2020

Photo: UAC

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The new widebody aircraft – modification of the IL-96-300 – is getting near to the full assembly. Currently, the IL-96-400M is at the final assembly shop at Voronezh Aircraft Plant.

According to Alexander Yarchevsky, acting Managing Director of VASO, the wings have been already connected to the fuselage. Now the team is going to set the empennage and the pylons. Also, the installation of the main aircraft systems is being carried out.

Russian Aviation provides that there would be three different layouts of the cabin available: three-class configuration for 305 seats, two-class configuration for 350 seats and a single-class configuration for 402 seats.

The new aircraft will be 64.7 meters long (9.35 meters longer than its predecessor IL-96-300) but will have the same 60.1 meters span of the -300. The initial IL-96-400M should be ready before the end of 2020.