First Retrofitted LOT Boeing 737 Has Taken Off


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Already on June 27th, modernised Boeing 737-400 had its first flight with passengers on board heading for London.

Hence, the first LOT clients were able to check out how comfortable the new Boeing interior can be. Among other things, new leather seats were installed on the plane along with modern LED lighting with mood-lighting modes and refreshed cabin interior elements.

SP-LLG Boeing 737 is the first of three aircraft of that type to undergo a complete D type overhaul and modernisation, and, as a result, it now has unique modern interior. The aircraft has already been used on regular routes operated by LOT to destinations such as London, Tel-Aviv or Madrid.

Post-retrofit solutions include an innovative lighting LED system with modes changing the light and colour intensity adjusted to the time of the day which are also used in the state-of-the-art aircrafts, Dreamliners. Also, the new seats can be found on other airlines’ wide-fuselage planes servicing the longest routes.

Their light and slender structure allow to increase the space available for each passenger. Despite the replacement of the seats with less thicker ones, LOT did not decide to boost seating capacity.

“On our Boeing 737, we still offer 162 seats even though some other carriers are capable of squeezing as many as 180. To us, passenger comfort is foremost. We want to ensure that passengers feel the most comfortable regardless of whether they have been on a few hours’ flight from London on board of Boeing 737 or ten hours’ flight to Seoul on board of Dreamliner”- says Krzysztof Moczulski, Director of Product and Customer Experience Bureau.

Each seat is now equipped with a universal electronic socket that allows passengers to freely use their mobile devices or computers during the flight. Moreover, the cabin’s interior now looks modern thanks to completely new accessories such as carpets or curtains. Also, overhead luggage comparments were refreshed, and the standard of the toilets resemble those familiar from Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

“Boeing 737 is the world’s most popular aircraft and ranks among the most reliable ones available on the market which is why they can continue to successfully transport our passengers. The cabins’ equipment standard has, however, changed over the past few years. So, LOT decided to have their Boeing 737s retrofitted, because the company wants to offer its passengers equally modern and friendly products” – adds K. Moczulski.

There are 162 passenger seats available in three travel classes: LOT Business Class, LOT Premium Economy Class and LOT Economy Class. Each class meets individual requirements and expectations of LOT passengers. Moreover, especially for business class passengers, LOT offers another convenience on the retrofitted Boeing 737: during the flight, LOT crew will be serving freshly brewed coffee from an espresso machine, which is now available onboard.

The modernisation of other Boeing 737 fleet aircrafts is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2016.