Flybe Dash 8-400 Engine Shuts Down in Flight

Photo: Maarten-sr

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A Flybe de Havilland Dash 8-400, performing flight from Manchester (UK) to Luxembourg (Luxembourg) with 40 passengers, engine shut down in flight.

  • Aircraft was climbing through FL180 out of Manchester when the left hand engine (PW150) emitted a loud bang prompting the crew to shut the engine down. Smoke entered the cabin.
  • The crew decided to divert to Birmingham for a safe landing on runway 15 about 15 minutes later.
  • Passengers reported there was a flash and a bang from the left hand side of the aircraft, subsequently smoke appeared in the cabin.
  • Airline confirmed that the engine fault caused an oil leak which led to a small amount of smoke becoming visible in the cabin.
  • The airline reported a technical fault in one of the engines requiring the shut down of the engine, the aircraft diverted to Birmingham.