Garuda B738 Overran Runway on Landing at Yogyakarta

Photo: Swaragama

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A Garuda Boeing 737-800, registration PK-GNK performing flight GA-258 from Jakarta to Yogyakarta (Indonesia) with 123 passengers and 5 crew, landed on Yogyakarta’s runway 09 at 19:47L (12:47Z) but overran the runway end and came to a stop with all gear on soft ground.

The passengers disembarked onto soft ground via stairs. There were no injuries, the aircraft damage is being assessed.

The airport reported flight GA-258, Tail PK-GNK, overran the end of the runway 09 while landing in heavy rain, there were no injuries.

The occupants have been evacuated from the aircraft. There were 119 passengers plus 4 lap children and 5 crew on board.

At the time of the accident, local weather consisted of heavy rain that may have contributed to a reduction in braking efficiency.

According to local media reports, none of the passengers or crewmembers were injured. The damage is being assessed but likely to be minor.

AVH/Google Earth