Hahn Air Reports Huge Network Growth in 2017

Photo: Planespotters.net

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Hahn Air, a German scheduled and business charter airline, has reported a significant uptick in network growth of over 16% in 2017. A total of 46 new carriers comprising of air, rail and shuttle partners were integrated into the airline’s network.

The company’s HR-169 document product was reportedly selected by 29 additional partners, which included additions such as Canada’s Flair Airlines, France’s La Compagnie, as well UK’s Eurostar.

Hahn Air’s general manager, Nikolaus Gormsen, commented, “Both Hahn Air and Hahn Air Systems have been striving to offer quality products and customer service that’s tailored to the needs of all our partners, no matter their business model and size.

“The fact that we’ve achieved a turnover of $1bn for our clients speaks volumes for the popularity of our ticketing solution and directly reflects our dedication to both sides of the customer spectrum. Propelled by the 2017 results, we look forward to continuing our mission in 2018 and creating additional business opportunities for air, rail and shuttle companies as well as travel agents worldwide.”

Han Air Group’s subsidiary, Hahn Air Systems, also reported a gain of 17 new partners that includes the likes of South Korea’s Jeju Air and Indonesia’s Citilink. Additionally, Estonia’s Tallik became the second ferry partner to adopt Hahn Air Systems’ 5W-Rail&Shuttle product.

Eight airlines have also joined the group’s Dual Partner programme. Newcomers include Beijing Capital Airlines, FlySafair, and NokScoot.

Source: aviationbusinessme.com