ICAO Leaders to Highlight Aviation Growth in Asia-Pacific

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Addressing aviation leaders at the 53rd Conference of Asia and Pacific Directors General of Civil Aviation in Colombo, Sri Lanka, ICAO’s Council President and Secretary General stressed the need for greater partnership and cooperation and a globally-aligned approach to safely and sustainably manage aviation’s tremendous current growth, which is particularly strong in the Asia and Pacific Region.

Stressing ICAO and the Asia-Pacific’s continuing priorities relating to the modernization of air navigation services (ANS) and other air transport infrastructure, President Aliu noted the challenges relating to dependable funding sources and stressed that ICAO World Aviation Forums should be looked to for related solutions.

“The goal of these events is to forge the partnerships and cooperation which are needed amongst governments, donors, financial institutions, and industry to ensure sustainable levels of support for all of our aviation development goals,” he emphasized, “especially with regard to how essential this development will be to the overall connectivity and long-term economic prosperity of Asia-Pacific States.”

Secretary General Liu highlighted the effective implementation of ICAO Standards as a key enabler of both sustainable air transport services and prosperous, thriving economies in all States and Regions. “The air traffic growth rate in the Asia and Pacific Region is four times the world average, and clearly points to the extent of both your challenges and opportunities,” the Secretary General told the audience.

She stressed that enhanced support from the UN agency’s Regional Offices, in addition to new and more substantial partnerships with international and regional organizations, would help ensure that related responses would be managed sustainably, efficiently and with optimized and more accountable outcomes.

Source: ICAO Press Release