Indonesia, US Cooperate To Develop Aviation Safety System


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The US Trade and Development Agency ( USTDA ) has provided a grant to help Indonesia develop its aviation safety systems in eastern areas of the country.

The US Embassy’s counselor for commercial affairs, Rosemary Gallant, who represents USTDA, and the Transportation Ministry’s civil aviation director general, Suprasetyo, signed the grant agreement in Jakarta on Thursday.

The grant-signing ceremony was conducted during an Indonesia-US Aviation Working Group ( AWG ) seminar held to mark the first anniversary of successful US-Indonesia cooperation on aviation.

US Ambassador to Indonesia Robert O. Blake and Transportation Minister Ignasius Jonan witnessed the ceremony.

The project funded by the USTDA grant includes the development of concept operations and a capital investment plan and the implementation of a timeline to help improve flight safety and air navigation practices in Papua and Maluku.

“As a large, populous and mobile archipelago, air transport is crucial for Indonesia’s economy and its citizens, both in terms of passenger and cargo traffic,” Blake said

“This grant directly supports the government of Indonesia’s efforts to improve air safety and to promote economic development, particularly in Papua and Maluku.”

The technical assistance will help the Transportation Ministry’s civil aviation directorate general in updating air navigation capabilities and improving the safety and operations of commercial and general aviation in the eastern region of the country, the US Embassy said in a statement.

In the long term, the project is designed to help increase the efficiency of the civil aviation sector and improve airspace management.

“The grant supports the goals of the US government to enhance collaboration between the US and Indonesia and support safe and efficient aviation growth in Indonesia,” the embassy noted.

The AWG was established through the signing of an MoU between Blake and Jonan on April 20, 2015. Since then, the AWG has served as a platform in which US and Indonesian aviation stakeholders can engage with each other to facilitate the growth of Indonesia’s aviation sector.

Hosted by Jonan at the Transportation Ministry, the seminar entitled “Enhancing Indonesia-US Aviation Cooperation” included a set of comprehensive sessions covering themes of safety, training, and maintenance needs, which will help equip Indonesian aviation professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for Indonesia’s aviation future.