Jet Airways Boeing 737 Veered Right off the Taxiway

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A Jet Airways Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to Mumbai (India) with 141 passengers and 7 crew, lined up with taxiway and commenced takeoff when the aircraft rejected takeoff, the aircraft veered right off the taxiway.

The airline reported the aircraft rejected takeoff and departed the runway, everybody was evacuated. There were no injuries. 

India’s Media claim the airline filed a report with the DGCA India that the crew saw an object on the runway and rejected takeoff.

Saudi Arabia’s AIB reported in a press release: “Initial factural information confirm that the aircraft attempted takeoff from taxiway, parallel to takeoff designated runway, while visibility was high and no obstacles or FOD were on the taxiway, the aircraft accelerated with full take off power and exceeded the taxiway onto unpaved area ending up close to the exit of taxiway north of taxiway.