Jet Blue Flight Makes an Emergency Landing After Severe Turbulence

Photo: Jackson Rathbone

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The Jet Blue Flight 429 from Boston was scheduled to land in Sacramento at 8.55pm but was forced to land at Rapid City, South Dakota, about 1300 miles away, to make an emergency landing.

More than 20 people were injured on the flight with a flight attendant taken from the flight in a neck brace.

Passengers on the flight said the flight attendant was in the galley when she hit her head on the ceiling, completely dislodging the panel.

One passenger said the flight attendant suffered cuts, a neck injury and a concussion.

It is understood 22 passengers and two crew members were injured.

Some passengers took to social media as their plane was forced to make the emergency landing, saying that there was major turbulence as they landed.

One passenger wrote that there had been “lots of injuries” in the emergency landing while another said there had been at least a dozen injuries.

The plane landed safety at South Dakota with the remaining passengers to be flown to their original destination on a replacement aircraft.