Lufthansa Group to Concentrate Aviation Training in Munich


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Lufthansa has confirmed that the present companies responsible for pilot and cabin crew training within the Lufthansa Group are to be amalgamated into a single organisation based at Munich, the Group’s second-biggest hub. The decision was taken in late January 2016 by the Deutsche Lufthansa AG Executive Board.

The new Munich-based Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH will provide a single management for the two currently largely independent companies of Lufthansa Flight Training and SwissAviation Training.

In addition to the overall management of all such training activities, Lufthansa Aviation Training will be responsible for corporate strategy and commercial management. The new company aims to be established by the end of this year. The aim is to better respond to increased customer demands and create a unified market presence.

The statement from Lufthansa says that the new company will be a fully-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Commercial Holding GmbH. And with its customer portfolio of more than 200 airlines and its 12 training facilities, it will be a “global leader in the flight training field.” The training activities for the various airlines of the Lufthansa Group will continue to be performed at their present locations.