Lufthansa Hit Hardest as Frankfurt Airport System Fails


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A database system used to deploy staff crashed at Frankfurt Airport between 0100 and 1130GMT Wednesday, causing the cancellation of 70 flights, 23 of which were at Lufthansa.

Lufthansa confirmed that in addition, it had to reduce the number of arrivals at the airport, resulting in a number of passengers missing connecting flights, while other flights were delayed.

The system in question contains information on the position of aircraft which is used to send appropriate members of ground staff to planes. In this instance, Lufthansa has to ask flight crews to use radios and phones during the system failure.

106 airlines cover approximately 275 destinations in over 100 countries from Frankfurt Airport, with approaching 1,365 flights per day. Lufthansa and its Star Alliance partners are responsible for 77% of all passengers at the airport, while around 65% of all intercontinental flights in Germany are operated there.