MAGnificent Receives Russian STC Validation


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Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) announced it has successfully validated their luxury interior for the Bell 429 with Russian authorities (IAC-AR). MAG developed and branded the MAGnificent for the Bell 429 under an EASA STC in 2015.

Since, MAG has applied for various validations around the globe including Russia. Validations scheduled and applied for were determined by regional customer demand.

The MAGnificent offers flexibility for its VIP passengers and provides multiple options and configurations. VIP clients can choose from four-, five- or six-seat layouts with options for up to two center consoles, MAG’s proprietary in-flight entertainment enhanced lounge (I-FEEL) and passenger controlled electrochromic windows. The interior includes two of MAG’s proprietary technologies.

The “SILENS” noise canceling system has successfully reduced the cabin noise to a level where normal conversation can be conducted between passengers without headsets. MAG’s I-FEEL technology provides passengers with moving jet maps and audio/video entertainment, along with internal Wi-Fi interface to personal smart devices.
“The STC validation in Russia is a significant milestone for MAG,” said Armando Sassoli, co-general manager of Mecaer Aviation Group. “It was critical we receive this validation as we have many clients in line for our interior in Russia.”
The Bell 429 is one of the most advanced light twin helicopters ever developed, offering a fully integrated glass cockpit with advanced drive system and best-in-class WAAS navigation and IFR capability. Additional safety features include a collective mounted throttle, damage tolerant hub and rotor system, and energy attenuating seats. It is the first helicopter certified through the MSG-3 process, resulting in reduced maintenance costs for operation.

Bell's Model 429 light twin was offered with a wheeled landing gear at last year's Dubai Air Show. The option provides greater maneuverability on crowded airport ramps. Photo: David McIntosh

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