Mass Production of Upgraded Mi-26T2 Helicopter Will Start in 2019


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The Rosvertol company, which is part of the Russian Helicopters holding, plans to start mass production of the upgraded version of heavy Mi-26T2 helicopter in 2019.

“We plan to complete tests in 2019 and starting from 2019 its mass production will be launched by the order of the Defense Ministry,” said  Igor Sychev, senior engineer at Rosvertol.

Military-transport Mi-26T helicopter has the biggest lifting power in the world. It made the maiden flight in 1977. Maximum speed is 270 km/h, the range is 800 km. It can carry 82 paratroopers. The helicopter is used for various missions – transportation, evacuation, firefighting and so on. It is capable of carrying up to 20 tons of cargo inside the body or on the external suspension.