Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90 Test Plane Soars for the Maiden Flight

Photo: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp.

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Some good news from Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation. The Flight Test Vehicle 10 (FTV10), the first SpaceJet M90 in final, certifiable baseline configuration has successfully completed its first flight.

The first commercial plane manufactured in Japan operated an ordinary approximately 2-hour test flight under normal operating conditions over the Pacific Ocean. The captain of the flight confirmed that the aircraft performed as smooth as expected.

Now Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation is ready to enter another phase of testing and move closer to certification.

“We are all proud of (…) the culmination of an organizational transformation and all of the engineering changes made since 2016“, said Alex Bellamy, Mitsubishi Aircraft’s Chief Development Officer.

In upcoming weeks the FTV10 will continue its flight tests in Nagoya. Later it will join the “remainder of the Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90 test fleet for the final phase of type certification flight test” in Moses Lake Flight Test Center (MFC).