MOMook to Launch a New Solution – Full Flight Simulator Info Terminal

Photo: MOMook press release

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Aviation training management software company MOMook, in cooperation with the full flight simulator maintenance service provider SimHelp has implemented an innovative solution – full flight simulator’s info Terminal.

The FFS Terminal, developed specifically for aviation training centers, is freestanding self-service equipment hosted in the flight simulators’ area and uses touch screen technology to guide engineers, flight instructors, training managers, and CEOs through the flight training process within MOMook’s software. It is designed to streamline simulator sessions efficiently by monitoring and managing training time as well as tracking simulator’s condition in a smart way and from one environment. The new self-service Terminal technology makes the process of flight training effective, more accurate, convenient and requires less manual work.

According to MOMook’s tech team leader Mr. Simas Godovan, nowadays self-service technologies speak for themselves: “Working in aviation and technology industry, we just have to look around the corner, for example, into telecommunication or banking industries, and try to forecast how aviation training market will change over the next years.

In today’s marketplace, the self-service technology, whether it is management software, website, terminal or other solution, allows businesses to streamline transaction processes, reduce overhead, and potentially increase revenue”, Mr. Godovan states.

The Terminal’s functionality monitors the entire training process, reduces paper work and keeps interested parties updated about flight training status as well as the simulator’s performance and condition. Furthermore, instructors are able to see the defects simulator currently has as well as to print out the report or training analysis right after the session or fill in technical logs straight from the terminal.

MOMook, an intelligent business and training management software, is developed specifically for aviation training centers. MOMook is web-based, easy to use and a proper solution for such issues as scheduling, documents’, flights’ tracking, reports, student’s progress, maintenance repair operations, and others.

Source: MOMook press release