Mount Cook ATR-72 Crew Aborts the Approach Due to Unsafe Nose Gear

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A Mount Cook Airlines Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-212A on behalf of Air New Zealand, registration ZK-MCY performing flight NZ-5075 from Auckland to Nelson (New Zealand) with 64 passengers and 5 crew, was on approach to Nelson when the crew aborted the approach reporting an unsafe indication for the nose gear.

The aircraft was diverted to Palmerston North (New Zealand) and burned off fuel. The aircraft landed safely on all three gear struts in Palmerston North and became disabled on the runway. The occupants disembarked onto the runway.

Ground observers reported there was a lot of smoke when the aircraft landed.

The airline reported the aircraft diverted to Palmerston North due to suspected nose gear trouble. The aircraft landed safely, but remains on the runway until it has been inspected by engineers. As result 9 other services to Palmerston North have been cancelled. The passengers are being taken to Wellington by bus and continue their journey from there.

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On Apr 11th 2017 Australia’s ATSB reported they are providing assistance (download of the CVR) to New Zealand’s TAIC investigating the occurrence rated an accident. The ATSB reported during approach to Nelson the crew received an unsafe gear indication and diverted the aircraft to Palmerston North. During the landing roll the right main tyre burst, the aircraft was brought to a stop on the runway. There were no injuries.

The longest runway at Nelson 02R/20L is 1347 meters/4420 feet long, Palmerston North features a runway 07L/25R of 1900 meters/6240 feet length.