Norwegian Boeing 737 MAX 8 Engine Shuts Down in Flight

Photo: Alejandro Hernández León

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A Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737-8MAX, performing flight from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Oslo (Norway) with 180 passengers and 6 crew, engine shut down in flight.

  • Aircraft was enroute at FL320 exactly overhead Shiraz (Iran) when the crew decided to shut the the left hand engine (LEAP) down and divert to Shiraz, where the aircraft landed safely on runway 29L about 30 minutes later.
  • Iran’s CAO reported initial reports suggest the crew received an engine oil low pressure indication on the #1 engine, shut the engine down, burned off fuel and landed in Shiraz.
  • A replacement Boeing 737-800 positioned from Oslo to Shiraz as flight DY-8920 landing in Shiraz about 11.5 hours after.