Poland to Strengthen Regional Aviation with New Polish Aviation Group

Photo: LOT Polish Airlines

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Poland has established a Polish Aviation Group to strengthen its position in the aviation market in Central Europe and beyond.

The new Group, formally established on October 10, brings together LOT, LOTAMS and LS Technics global aircraft maintenance services provider, and LSAS, responsible for handling services.

The constituent companies “will be sharing the same goals and profitable growth strategy under one integrated structure and common management centre,” the Polish Aviation Group said in a statement released on Wednesday.

According to Rafał Milczarski, CEO of LOT, the Group’s establishment will benefit the Polish economy, but also passengers travelling in Europe.

“I am certain that PGL will stimulate the development of the aviation sector both in Poland and fragmented Central and Eastern Europe,” added Milczarski, highlighting that it will improve efficiency, from investing in advanced technologies to expanding the airline’s fleet.