Polar Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 Freighter Veers Off the Runway

Photo: Comyu

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A Polar Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 freighter, performing flight from Anchorage to Cincinnati (USA) with 2 crew, experienced runway excursion on landing.

Aircraft was on approach to Cincinnati’s Northern Kentucky Airport’s runway 27 when the crew went around, positioned for another approach to runway 27 and touched down about 12 minutes later, however the aircraft veered right off the runway and came to a stop on soft ground between taxiways K6 and K7. There were no injuries.

A ground observer reported even the following morning around 01:00L there were still a lot of flashing lights out at runway 27 and 36C, both runways were closed and only runway 36R was available for operations. The 747 appeared to be facing south which the observer thought was unusual.

Source: avherald.com